David & Johanna
DaJo is a collaboration of husband & wife duo David & Johanna. Originating in the art filled landscapes of New York, they lived very parallel lives. With their senses being constantly stimulated by a vast array of fashion ads, moving billboards and urban architecture, David and Johanna quickly developed a passion for the culture of art and photography.

Their romance began as close friends, snapping shots of each other through the tropical streets of sunny Miami, then later sharing countless hours developing prints in the darkroom. Soon after, they realized they had found their gift of photography and began shooting for friends’ personal projects, including CD covers, model composites and even weddings. After receiving extraordinary reviews from everyone for their abstract and innovative style, they were encouraged to continue shooting full time.

Now almost ten years later, DaJo Photography is celebrated as two of the most sought-after photographers, shooting all over the United States, Caribbean Islands and the world.

And yes, that is David and Johanna right on the left.